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Neon Sign Creator is a template for After Effects CC 2014 and above to transform your text or logo into a stylish neon sign.
Neon Sign Creator includes many controls to customize your sign as you prefer.
Thanks to a single “Neon Control” effect you have the full control of your sign.
Here a fast overview of what you can do with this effect

Neon Sign Creator is very easy to use and funny to customize!

  • Just import your logo or type a text (it works with all fonts)
  • Choose the sign style: “filled” to create a glass sign or “outlined” to contour the logo shape with the neon tube
  • Then place the connectors and draw the wires of the connector
  • Add a support and/or sign holders
  • Set the light’s behavior
  • Choose a background and the camera animation, or one of the three premade scenes

Neon Sign Creator allows you to use different light effects for all or each color of your sign:

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Last Update: July 29, 2020
Released: July 29, 2020