No video or editing skills needed. intro video  makes content creation stress-free and easy.

Intro video maker uses templates to help you create professional videos for marketing, internal communications, social media and more. (Think: intro Video Maker, but for videos)

Wideo offers hundreds to ensure you find exactly what you need.

Drag-and-drop graphics or choose from thousands of stock footage from our FREE video library.

3. Received  your video
Full HD MP4 to share directly to Facebook and Youtube.

Absolutely! We provide support for all of our themes and templates Support is provided via a ticket system from the members’ area, where we aim to respond to all support tickets within 24 hours. As support is provided directly by the theme or template developers, there’s no one better placed to help with theme queries.

Social Media Branding

Social media marketing platforms are extremely useful in marketing your business and brand online. Although these platforms have many different forms of communication and audience following systems, the general rules of social media branding applies across all platforms.

These general rules are something that are deeply embedded into our strategy here at Movin Up Digital. They aren’t necessarily something you have to master, since we take care of the entire process of social media marketing campaigns, but it is quite helpful to be familiar with them.

Listen to Your Audience

As with regular conversations between two people, it is important for a business to listen to their audience. Reading into the content that your customers post about your business is important in learning how their experience with your product and service was, and anything that your business is doing well or needs to improve. Researching potential customers and learning about what matters to them is also a create way to improve your marketing campaigns and services or products.

Not to mention that only after fully listening to your audience can you create content which is tailored for them and crafted to spark further conversations among them and their own social media connection. Creating content without listening to your audience is likely not to be valuable to them, as much as saying a random idea to a person without listening to them first and what they are interested in.

At Movin Up Digital we utilize various services and techniques to capture all of the conversations about your business so that nothing critical is missed. We continually relay this information to your business as well as use it for our own metric tracking and further optimization.

Create Quality Content and Quality Connections

Would you rather have 1,000 relevant fans who read the content you post, share it, and talk about it, as opposed to 10,000 fans that don’t engage as well with your social media content? In the same way that businesses have a goal of creating quality products and services to outdo their competition, they should also have the goal of creating quality content and connections. Quality content will lead to higher conversation rates of viewers into customers, and quality connections will also lead to further social media engagement and conversion.

Focus Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

In addition to not making an account on every single social media platform and trying to manage all of them, and not reaching a targeted audience effectively, it’s also important to focus individual content used in your marketing. At Movin Up Digital we focus our campaigns by creating a profile of your targeted audience and then tailoring our strategy on the social media platforms which they are most likely to use, and the content which would be most valuable to them and likely to be shared.

Be Patient and Work for Compound Success

Social media is like content marketing and word-of-mouth marketing, it just simply doesn’t happen overnight. Committing to the long haul will achieve results as the exposure, sharing, metric tracking, and conversion optimization of your campaign will begin to compound and increase your business’s return on investment over time.

Utilizing Other Industry Leaders for Exposure

If your business has just started with social media marketing or is in the process of revamping a current campaign, then an effective way to expand your social media exposure is by finding industry leaders and connecting with them. Building a connection with the people and businesses which connect to your targeted audience makes it more likely for them to share the content you are already sharing with your own audience. Being shared by an industry leader or individual that has such a targeted following will put your business in front of that audience and allow it to capture many more viewers and conversions.

Do Not Ignore People Who Reach Out to Your Business

In today’s day and age many people contact businesses through their social media profiles. It is important that you are always alert of contact notifications, not of just those that are sent directly to your profile, but any mention of your business.

At Movin Up Digital we have a social media branding team which plans and executes campaigns, as well as insures that any mention of your business is addressed timely and effectively

At Intro Video Maker we use the most advanced and latest YouTube SEO techniques to drive more traffic to your videos and website. We have had many years of experience working with businesses across various fields, and are looking forward to many more successful years. Through our experience we have optimized our strategies for getting videos watched and acted upon, as well as getting them put everywhere.

Unlike other SEO companies that charge you for every step they take and promise you everything, we deliver attainable results and charge for the solution each campaign provided based on the value to your business. At Intro Video Maker, we’re all about moving up your business and tracking our campaigns’ progress so that you know exactly how effective and profitable each one is.

YouTube SEO algorithms always change and it makes SEO hard to keep track of for anyone just getting started. The good thing about SEO team is that we have many years of experience staying on track of new changes and moving you up, consistently.

To boost your YouTube SEO rankings we work on a range of factors, ranging from in-depth video descriptions to relevant keywords and important backlinks. YouTube focuses heavily on the text content of your video so that it knows what the content within the actual video is about. This means that a well-crafted description will not only engage your viewers and make it easy for them to visit your business site or call after the video is over, but that YouTube also determines effectively what your video is about.

Intro Video Maker YouTube SEO Marketing Strategies

Through our YouTube SEO services we offer a range of services which are designed to boost SEO consistently, and reliably. At Intro Video Maker we see YouTube marketing as the new video marketing, and we know that businesses can’t make it on this platform alone, especially with its learning curve and competition. That is why our campaigns are simple for business owners, because we take care of everything so that they can focus on growing their business.

Before beginning YouTube search engine optimization, we first learn about your targeted audience and desired message. This allows us to complete the necessary YouTube keyword research to determine not only the most traffic effective keywords for a video marketing campaign, but also the most relevant to your targeted audience. After all, attracting the right attention to your videos is more likely to end up in higher conversions and profitable campaigns than just attracting a lot of attention.

The way our keywords are picked are based on a range of demographics, and with a focus on names, quotes, actions/verbs, objects in your video, and emotions. Based on your video campaign we examine general online video trends, as well as YouTube video trends, to tap into the latest marketing techniques and create not only the highest SEO potential, but also the highest potential for your audience to make a purchasing decision after watching your videos and also a decision to share your content.

Why YouTube is Important for Businesses

YouTube is no longer just a place for watching videos of funny cats and other videos when bored. Users of YouTube also use it for finding information on just about anything imaginable. A business that offers carpet cleaning services and products might SEO optimize videos for cleaning stains, which in turn would cater to a targeted audience that searches for stain cleaning guides.

A presence on YouTube doesn’t just put your business and brand in front of a targeted YouTube audience, it also carries over to exposure within Google’s search page results since of the importance they place on video content.

If you’ve tried posting videos in the past and haven’t seen much success, then let us optimize them for YouTube and see for yourself how much of a difference it makes to effectively put your videos in front of people who want to see them. After all, creating video alone isn’t a marketing strategy. That great video has to be brought to your audience, and that’s exactly what we do. We take a holistic approach to internet marketing and leave old and outdated techniques in the dust.

At Intro Video Maker our goal is to move your business up, not only through SEO ranking but also through its own success and brand growth. Through successful campaigns we foster long-term relationships with businesses which allow us to grow together. To give us a chance to look at your business and evaluate all of the marketing options recommended for it Intro Video Maker

Given the increasing popularity of videos in the last few years, they are an amazing resource for companies to showcase what they have to offer potential clients or customers. While you may otherwise be a faceless company on the internet, a custom video helps you break down those digital barriers and connect directly with your customers.

Well-done videos can boost your SEO rankings, increase lead generation and sales, elevate brand awareness and so much more. We can create videos of anything you want, from behind-the-scenes antics to instructions on how to use your products or service.  You are certain to get positive results with the quality of our custom video services.

Custom Videos for Your Business

Custom videos are a great way to introduce a business’s product or service to the world in a digestible and interesting way. Such videos are often referred to as explainer videos, which is something we specialize in, and are very effective for sharing on your website’s homepage, YouTube channel, presentations, and training material.

Setting Your Business Apart From Its Competitors

Whether you’re a small business or a multi-million dollar company, our videos will help you stand out from your competitors by simplifying your brand message and impressing your audience. In fact, custom videos are proven to increase sales and conversions through the nature of video engagement.

The most important factor that makes a difference between a video which your audience watches to the end, and then makes a purchasing decision, and a video which your audience stops watching after 10 seconds is a great script. Crafting a clear script which conveys your meaning in the best way possible is something that we put a high level of focus on, which is what sets us apart from our own competition.

At Movin Up Digital we utilize a truly talented team to craft your script, because that level of quality which sets us apart from our competitors will convert into the same quality which sets your own business apart, which in turn boosts conversion rates. As all great movies and shows have great scripts, so do custom videos.

Conversion Orientated Stories

Creativity is critical in creating a script, but using conversion orientated techniques which have been proven to boost sales is also required for a successful video. At Movin Up Digital we have field specific research which takes the guessing work out of which call to actions and audience-interaction motivators perform best.

Our team is dedicated to creating videos that not only tell a story and educate customers, but that are an effective investment in brand marketing and conversion boosting. We love working with businesses to innovate, and to create new explainer video techniques or experiment with old ones in exciting new ways.

At Movin Up Digital our goal is not to design cute cartoons and presentations that don’t convey meaning. Every single custom video we produce is designed to deliver measurable results, and with that as the goal we work backgrounds to incorporate the best script and video style possible.

The Effects of Effective Custom Videos

One of the recurring effects we’ve observed with clients of our custom video producing service, is that within weeks of publishing their video they become the go-to company for the service or product they offer in their area. This isn’t surprising considering that a great story can bring customers in or push them away. At Movin Up Digital, our custom videos bring them in which makes it tremendously easy for your business to move up and scale as a trusted field in its respectable field.

To achieve such great results, we have a different approach to the relationship we have with our clients. We do not produce template videos in any way, shape or form. Instead, we work with you to create with you, and not for you. It is your ideas and your knowledge of the field which is the most important to showing your target audience the big picture of your product and service. By working with you, to create with you and bring those ideas to life in the best way possibly, we can help orchestrate the perfect video to tell your audience exactly why your business is the go-to business for their needs.

The Importance of a Dedicated Custom Video Team

At Moving Up Digital we’re not a middle man between talented producers and your business. We have a full time team of dedicated copywriters, artists, and video animators. By having a dedicated team we can work directly with you to insure that nothing is lost in the producing process which should transform across into the message of your video and brand.

Our talented video team uses an in-house process for taking custom video projects from conception to competition which is as simple as 1, 2, and 3! This process begins with a detailed creative brief questionnaire which learns your business, target market, and the message you want to communicate to your audience. From there, the process goes forward to script and media check-offs, to the final completion stage.

To get started with your own conversion boosting custom video project, or to learn more about our services, give us a call at 829 205 5456

We currently complete all of our payments via PayPal. This allows for purchases either using a PayPal account or using credit / debit card.

Live support is included with all Agency and Enterprise packages and is available via either live chat or callback. Where a ticket can’t be resolved in-ticket, the issue will be escalated to live support with one of our developers.

Over 2 billion active monthly users are on Facebook and half of them use social media to research products and purchases. Can they find your business on there?

It wasn’t long ago that a company simply having a social media presence was unique. Now over 50% of businesses are using social media marketing techniques. Not having a marketing presence on social media is like traveling somewhere new without GPS or directions: you probably aren’t going to make it to your destination.


Today, it is not enough to just be on social media—you need to effectively market your business on it. On top of this, advertising on social media is not identical across all the platforms; what works on Twitter may not work on Facebook. Webstract has the experience and knowledge to assist you with all of this.

On the web, you have just a short period of time to influence a visitor. Web users today are fast. They scroll, they click around. How can you not only get their attention, but also influence their opinions in a short period of time? The answer is simple – video! Video allows you to present complex topics in quick periods of time, while building brand awareness and credibility.

How We Produce Video

It’s a simple process. First, video concepts have to be determined based on marketing objectives. Are you interested in a quick introductory video or something more detailed about a product offering? Are you aiming at a broad audience or one particular persona, at one particular part of the buying cycle? And, most importantly, is there a particular end goal at the end of the video? Once a target and goal has been established, production can begin.

Step two: creation of a script. Now, this doesn’t require Scorcese-esque skills, but rather a story based on the user you are targeting and the goal you are hoping to achieve. Scripts are surprisingly short – you don’t need a thousand words to make a highly effective video. In fact, the fewer the better.

Design and production begins in step 3. We work to produce a video style guide. We’ll create a unique design direction for your video, and assemble a storyboard. A story board is a series of creative images that are made to establish the look and feel of your video. As the client, you can approve or deny the direction before animation begins. If necessary, background footage can be shot or acquired in this stage.

Finally, we’ll work to assemble your video including creatio of animated assets, editing and inclusion of video footage, and integration of a voice over that we will produce. The final product can be delivered in a variety of formats or uploaded to your preferred video host.